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About us

They say inspiration hits when you least expect it, and BEKKA MAY is no exception. A mid-flight epiphany had this flight attendant scribbling designs somewhere between Melbourne and LAX while all the passengers were peacefully sleeping. 


The idea was simple: one makeup bag to replace all the little ones she was carrying around. Her vision was modest yet versatile, but also stylish and affordable. Something to cater for the everyday woman or travelling professional that would compliment any outfit, whilst carrying all her beauty essentials.


The BEKKA MAY is the first of its kind - a sleek handbag design that unzips for the perfect amount of beauty storage including a fold out brush holder, secure cosmetics compartment and clear removable insert. A stylish travel accessory, and quality makeup case, the BEKKA MAY is practical and timeless – you’re sure to be impressed with how much it fits!