Skincare Goals

Skincare Goals
Botanicals By Luxe is my absolute favourite skincare. It's a Geelong based company (my hometown) that brings nature and science together to create the most beautiful and professional skincare range. 
I have been using the full range for about four-five months now and it has completely transformed my skin. I still get shocked by how smooth my skin feels every time I wash my face. 
The products I use everyday are: 
Rosewater Mist 
Hyaluronic Serum 
Rosewater + Hyaluronic Cream 
Bec Connolly, owner and the nicest person ever, often does skincare tutorials and skin advice on their Instagram - @botanicalsbyluxe or
This brand is a staple in my Bekka May Bag. 
Make sure you head over to our Instagram page @bekkamayofficial to learn how you could win some of this amazing skincare for yourself.

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Can’t Live Without Summer Travel Essentials

Can’t Live Without Summer Travel Essentials


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