Can’t Live Without Summer Travel Essentials

Can’t Live Without Summer Travel Essentials

Summer holidays are basically here and we are ready for them!

I'm a flight attendant so travel a lot and over the years have picked up some tips on what is

really needed on a Summer vacation. Here is my list of can’t live without items and they also

make for quite light packing so there is more room to bring home shopping from new and

interesting destinations!

1. Big floppy/wide brim hat 
Not only is a hat an essential for a day at the beach or by the pool to protect my face from
sun damage, but it also makes for a great accessary to add to my wardrobe to change up a
look and therefore get more wear out of my outfits. 

2. Bekka May Cosmetic Bag
Of course, my Bekka May is essential for getting through Summer. It’s the perfect size to not
only take my makeup and brushes but is big enough to hold hair and skincare essentials so
that everything is all in one place. 

3. Tinted moisturiser with SPF 
A good tinted moisturiser is the key to nailing a no makeup makeup look and is so quick and
easy to use. It keeps my skin looking natural and dewy while hydrating my skin and protecting it
from the sun’s harsh rays. A couple of my favourites are the Bare Minerals Rescue Tinted
Hydrating Gel SPF 30 and the Skin Juice Tinted SPF 15.

4. A hydrating face mask
After a long day at the beach or exploring a new city in the heat, there is nothing better than
popping on a hydrating face mask to replenish my skin and relax before bed or even prep
my skin for a night on the town. I especially love ones that include aloe vera because they
can be kept in the fridge and are great for cooling skin down and giving skin a gorgeous

5. Multi-country travel adaptor 
I am constantly in new countries and this means lots of different plug sockets that don’t
match to my Australian electrical items. Having a multi country travel adaptor ensures that I
never get caught out. And, I always manage to squeeze it into my Bekka May!

6. Purse sized skincare
Lots of skincare brands are now producing their hero products in purse travel sizes which I
love because it means I don’t have to compromise on having good skin whilst I’m travelling.
And full-sized products can take up so much space, so by buying small I can put skincare
into my Bekka May with my make-up.

7. Turkish towel
There’s nothing worse than having to pack a huge heavy beach towel on my trips as they
take up half of my suitcase, so I always pack a Turkish towel instead. They are perfect for
getting the water off after a dip in the ocean, they are really soft to lay on and perfect to wear
to and from the beach as a sarong. They can also be used as a shield from the sun on your
shoulders and not to mention, they come in so many different colours and designs that are
so fun for Summer. The perfect Summer multi-tasker!

8. Sunglasses 
Gosh, I have so many pairs, but they can change your mood, boost an outfit and not to
mention are an essential in protecting eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. A trend that I’m
really loving for this Summer is the cat-eye style. They not only make a statement and are
eye-catching, but they are very flattering to almost any face shape as they elongate the eye
with their funky wing-shaped frame.

9. A black one piece
A black one piece is like the little black dress of Summer. Flattering on everyone, a black
one piece is always classic, stylish and practical, making me feel confident at the beach or
pool no matter how I am feeling about myself. It is also great for maximising outfit options
when travelling as I often wear mine with a pair of denim shorts as it doubles as a bodysuit.
Slip on some Summer slides and then I’m ready to go!

10. Beach Wave/Sea Salt Spray
I love to wear my hair loose and wavy and unfortunately air drying can only do so much, so I
always like to pack a beach spray to help smooth fly aways and encourage my natural wave.
I’m a big fan of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, but if you’re looking for a more affordable option
that gives similar volume and texture, the Beach Wave Spray from Kristin Ess is incredible.

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